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sUAS (Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems) or “drones” are quickly becoming indispensable tools in all types of business.  Their low operating cost, ease of transport, maneuverability and high resolution imaging systems make drones perfect for a wide variety of roles and missions.  Before the implementation of drone technology, helicopters filled the aerial camera platform and surveillance roles.  The cost of helicopters put them out of reach for most small businesses.  Drones can perform similarly and sometimes more effectively than a helicopter, all at a mere fraction of the cost.  Let Colibri Aerial Media show you how drones can help you accomplish your mission.

Below, you will find just a few of the many industries in which Colibri specializes.  Due to the flexible nature of our aerial systems, we would be pleased to discuss other roles not listed.

Real Estate

Homes sell faster with aerial pictures or video.  Colibri offers affordable packages for real estate professionals and homeowners.

Business Services

Websites, marketing materials, television commercials are more effective with aerial images of your business.

Golf Courses

Showcase your golf course and its unique features with aerial photography and video.


Inspections of solar arrays, power lines, wind turbines, substations, antennas, dams, etc. are quicker and easier with a drone.

Construction / Trades

Monitor jobsites, construction progress and consistency of subcontractor work from the air.

Sporting Events

Gain a unique perspective on your next sporting event.

Insurance Services

Assisting adjusters in surveying damage to property and to identify risks.


Helping the modern farmer to maximize their yield with the assistance of aerial imaging.

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